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Earning badges and achievements- Tracking progress in your pokemon go account

The Basic Badges cover essential activities in the game like catching Pokemon, spinning PokeStops, hatching eggs, and evolving your Pokemon. These are a solid foundation that all players will naturally progress through just by playing regularly. Once those introductory badges are obtained, trainers move on to more challenging Effort Badges. These recognize everything from registering new Pokemon in your Pokedex to travelling certain distances on foot. Battle-focused players also earn Combat Badges for winning raids and trainer battles. At the highest level are the Boss Badges, which are tied to taking down the most powerful raid bosses in the game. They are fundamental Legendary Raid Boss badge way to the Supreme Raid Boss level – a testament to true mastery over Pokemon Go’s toughest challenges.

Collecting achievements

pokemon go account kaufen also has a separate achievement system that spans a broader range of gameplay activities. While badges generally cover significant milestones, achievements act as smaller-scale goals that allow players to get a consistent stream of new objectives. For example, there are achievements for sending gifts to friends, getting battle wins with specific Pokemon types, encountering dittos in the wild, beating a raid boss with a team of 20 or less, and many other particular scenarios.

Achievement medal

  1. Both the badge and achievement systems culminate in one colossal goal to strive for – the Achievement Medal. This is awarded to any player who has collected every badge and achievement in Pokemon Go across all categories.
  2. Sounds pretty daunting it’s meant to be an epic long-term challenge for even the most hardcore players. But earning that coveted Achievement Medal is about as prestigious as it gets for showing true Pokemon mastery.
  3. For badges which max out at a particular tier, there is no upper limit to the Achievement Medal. It will continue to level up indefinitely as Niantic adds new badges and achievements with each update. Holding onto the top Achievement Medal level may only last briefly before a new player surpasses it.

Practical benefits

While chasing badges and achievements may seem like more of a personal accomplishment on paper, some convenient in-game benefits come with it. For example, levelling certain badges will increase your odds of finding specific Pokemon types in the wild. So a higher Normal Badge rank makes you more likely to encounter Normal types like Rattata.

Higher tiers of some badges also grant bonus items from PokeStops or extra experience from evolving Pokemon. And the Boss Badges earn you bonus premier balls to use during legendary raids – extremely useful for making those tough catches.

Badge hunt strategies

How do you efficiently work towards knocking out those badges and achievements? Here are some tips and strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Look through all achievements first and plan your approach. Many can be unlocked simultaneously by taking specific actions.
  2. Pay close attention to event achievements during special occasions like Community Days. These provide easy XP grabs.
  3. Make sure to spin every stop and open every gift for increased Item Badges.
  4. Keep track of nearby gyms, preparing for new bosses instead of repeating the same old raids.

It may seem like a grind, but methodically checking off each badge and achievement becomes an incredibly rewarding obsession for hardcore PoGo players.


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